Funding FAQs

First and foremost, TTCF reserves the right to seek full or partial refunds of any funding not used for the purposes stated on an approved application. Where fraudulent or deceptive practices are detected the matter will be handed over to the appropriate authorities to action as they see fit.

Having said this, most community based organisations act with honesty and integrity and TTCF recognises the difference you are all making to your local communities. 

We thank you for taking the time to acquaint yourselves with some of the more common queries we receive. If you still have questions then please do not hesitate to contact the Grants office. 

Applications should reach us no less than 6 weeks prior to when the purpose applied for is due to commence. As a general rule monthly funding rounds close on the 1st of each month, and the ensuing Net Proceeds Committee meeting is scheduled for the start of the next month. Refer to this Funding Rounds link for upcoming closing and meeting dates.

No! Any such applications will be deemed “retrospective” and cannot be approved. Furthermore you must not spend funds on the purpose applied for until after you have received formal notification from us that your application has been approved. 

You are entitled to apply for the total amount of funding you require or part thereof if you are applying to other funding sources as well. If you are applying elsewhere as well you must disclose these details on your application.

Please note that invariably TTCF receives applications that total far more than we have funds available for distribution. Unfortunately, this will mean that some months not all compliant applications are able to be supported while others may only be partially funded.  

Each purpose applied for must meet the definition of an Authorised Purpose as outlined in the Gambling Act 2003 and need to be entirely relevant to your organisation and its stated aims and objectives.

Please refer to this comprehensive  Authorised Purposes link and if you are still unsure then email your query directly to us.

More often than not we receive applications amounting to far more than the funds we actually have available.

Generally speaking, the Net Proceeds Committee’s usual practice is therefore to approve one application per organisation per financial year.

TTCF Directors convene Net Proceeds Committee meetings 11 times per year, noting that they do not meet in January.

Please refer to this Funding Rounds link for detailed information on meeting dates and application deadlines.

Please refer to this Funding Rounds link which shows the notification and payment dates.

N.B. You will receive an initial notification via the email address provided with your application.


No.  We do not give out information about the status of any application over the telephone.  You are welcome to refer to this Application Status link to get the latest update regarding an application. 

You will receive email notification regarding whether or not your application has been approved.

Please refer to this List of Venues link to check that we do have a presence in your region. Please note if we do not then it is unlikely we will be in a position to support your application. 

We suggest that you also visit the website  where you will be able to access a full list of societies that do operate gaming machines in your local area.

The short answer is Yes.  However, if you have a genuine reason for not being able to utilise one or more entities named on your application, you must forward us a written request that includes the identity of the preferred alternative along with quotes. Please note that we cannot approve a change of purpose and therefore the quotes need to be for exactly the same goods or services as stated in the original application.

You must not proceed with the alternative arrangements without first receiving our written approval. 

You must only utilise the funding for the pupose/s as stated on your original application. Therefore please refund the unspent amount immediately. 

The Gambling Act 2003 states that funds must be of a direct and immediate benefit to the community.  We are therefore unlikely to approve applicatons for projects or activities that do not have a definitive commencement date however if you are experiencing delays for whatever reason, please notify us immediately.

All approved grant applications are deemed to be an unconditional gift (as defined in the Goods & Services Act 1985) or donation. This means that even if your organisation is registered for GST we will not be funding the GST portion of your application.

Accordingly, the Foundation cannot claim GST on approved applications.


Payment by way of direct credit will normally be received within 10 working days of each Net Proceeds Committee Meeting.


Supply a copy of your organisation’s bank statement, ensuring that it shows the bank logo, organisation name and its account number.

As with deposit slips we understand that tax exemption certificates are being phased out and are no longer mandatory. You do however have to supply proof of non-profit status in the form of either an Incorporated Societies or Charities Commission certificate.

Yes but please note that no portion of any approved application is to be used to pay for their services. It is recommended that you disclose full details of how they are being remunerated and/or reimbursed for their services with your application.

Thinking about applying?

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