Accountability Requirements

An Accountability Report will be sent to successful applicants with the approval letter. The Accountability Report must be completed in full with the supporting information attached (such as invoices, receipts and copies of bank statements pertaining to the receipt of funds and expenditure of funds) within 3 months from the date funds were deposited in to your bank account.

  • If 3 months has elapsed and funds are either yet to be spent or only partially spent, you must provide an “Interim Accountability” report that clearly outlines plans moving forward.
  • There may be times where we require additional documentation and in such instances you are expected to comply with all reasonable requests for further information or audit.
  • We openly encourage applicants to proactively advise us if they are experiencing difficulty in spending some or all of the funds provided within specified timeframes.
  • Failure to provide the required Accountability Report(s) may result in us asking for the return of the amount involved and/or legal action being initiated.
  • You are obliged to disclose any funding obtained or sought from other sources for the same purposes as this current application.
  • We strictly enforce a policy of blacklisting any applicant that fails to adhere with our accountability requirements.

Additional forms are available and can be downloaded below:

TTCF Accountability Report June 2021 Word document

TTCF Accountability Report June 2020 PDF document

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