Authorised Purposes
  • Proceeds from gaming machines can only be used for what are termed ‘Authorised Purposes’ as defined in the Gambling Act 2003. 

An Authorised Purpose may include;

  •  Charitable purposes which advances education
  •  Supports the relief of poverty
  •  Is beneficial to the community and environment
  •  Promotes cultural activites, amateur sports, arts and literature

Items not considered;

  • Salaries for new positions where recruitment has not taken place.


  • Professional sport players that receive payment or reimbursement for playing.
  • Affiliation fees and levies for members.
  • Non-playing/training uniforms and personal items eg socks, mouthguards
  • Maintenance of costs relating to bar areas of club rooms
  • Building permits, resources consents, feasibility studies
  • Teacher, reliever teacher or teacher aide salaries
  • Fundraising events and volunteer expenses
  • Payment for Professional Fundraisers
  • Food or alcohol
  • Professional costs eg Accountancy fees, Architectural costs, Lawyers fees
  • Public liability insurance
  • Funding to individuals
  • Cash prizes
  • Leased vehicles, petrol or mileage costs
  • Overseas travel and accommodation, or travel within an overseas country
  • Umbrella funding not considered
Important Notice to all applicants: The list above is not exhaustive and serves only as a guide to applicants as to what may not be considered by the Net Proceeds Committee.

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